Effectiveness of block-grants in retaining OVC in school: a case study of marvel primary school, ward 15, Insiza district.

Author: Chaurura, Samuel

Education still remains a social service not accessed by all despite widespread policies, programmes, conference and talks on sustaining orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) s livelihoods. Countless children worldwide continue to struggle through life in abject poverty, neglect, abandonment, undernourishment, discrimination and lack of education. This qualitative, cross sectional case-study explored the effectiveness of block grants in retaining OVC in school through the Vana/Bantwana 2013-2017 block grants in retaining Godlwayo Aids Council (IGAC) implemented at Marvel primary during 2014. The study had three objectives respectively pivoted on block-grants’ effectiveness on OVCs enrolment; attendance and retention in school. Findings of the study were that block grants had great potential to effectively influence the beneficiary OVCs retention in school. However, it emerged that there are many other OVC outside those catered for through this block-grant, Capernaum and the government’s Basic Education Assistance Module (BAEM). Block-grants still do not cater for the OVC’s other challenges which have a bearing on their retention in school.