An investigation into the challenges facing investment in gated communities in Nairobi, Kenya

Author: Gisesa, , Innocent N

Supervisor: Susan Muchiri

As much as there are many new laws of land and effort being made in digitalizing the land transactions in Kenya, still there are a lot of challenges most people encounter when transacting in land business. Thus, this research aims at extending the existing literature on challenges facing involved parties in land transactions in Kenya. It seeks to provide an in -depth assessment on the extent to which these challenges are faced up and their causes. The study then proposes from the findings on how best this situation can be improved and the mechanism needed to be put in place to ensure successful land transactions using a case study of Kajiado County. The study uses descriptive survey research design and questionnaires were used since the study was concerned mainly with variables that cannot be directly observed such as views, opinions perceptions and feelings of the respondents. Data was collected from both primary and secondary sources. The responses of the respondents was recorded in the questionnaires while observations from the field and personal experience of the researcher was written down in scripts. Data collected was analyzed to enable affected stakeholders to make alternative decision in relation to challenges facing land transactions in Kenya.