To Investigate the Impact of RBM as A Performance Management Tool On Teachers Performance: A Case of Insiza District, Matabeleland South Province

Author: Makova, Salisio

Performance management is a very critical process in an organisation. It greatly influences the levels of productivity, service delivery and the image of the organisation. The quest for better outcomes/results has resulted in several performance tools being implemented such as Results Based Management (RBM). Employees should effectively and efficiently discharge their duties to enable the organisation to meet its goals and objectives. The objective of this study was to investigate the impact of RBM as a performance management tool on teachers’ performance: A case of Insiza District Matabeleland South Province. Previous research has proved that RBM helped many organization sand countries to achieve better results. This is because RBM is built upon the tenants of continuous improvement. A sample size of seventy (70) employees was drawn from a population 700 teachers. Systematic random sampling was used and data was collected through questionnaires and interviews. The results of the study were analyzed through tables, graphs and pie charts. Results showed that RBM is being used as a performance management tool but its impact is to a lesser extent as showed by the pass rate on examination classes. When RBM was introduced the idea was to provide a long lasting solution to the problems being faced