An analysis of carbon storage in Gwayi State forest, Zimbabwe.

Author: Mpofu Ndumezulu Thintitha,

Forest woodlands are an essential component of the ecosystem, active in carbon sequestration. This study analysed biomass and carbon storage in Gwayi State Forest in Zimbabwe using forest inventory data from Forest Commission, in the form of volume under bark. One Way ANOVA and Post Hoc analysis were employed to test for significant variations in carbon content between and within three blocks H, J and O as well as between, and within the years 2003 and 2008. Results indicated that, there is a significant variation in carbon content (p < 0.05) between and within blocks and no significant variation, o f carbon content, (p > 0.05) between and within the years under study. Thus the study concluded that, the volume o f timber harvested per bock affects significantly the amount of carbon stored compared to the volume of timber harvested over the years which does not significantly affect the amount o f carbon stored.