An Investigation of the Effects of Informal Settlements on the Health of Children under the Ages of Five: A Case of Ngonzi Mine Informal Settlement, Bulawayo

Author: Mlambo, Mqhelisi

The study had three objectives on the effects of informal settlement on the health of children under the age 5 years, the case of Ngozi Mine Informal Settlement. The household for respondents were selected using probability sampling. Data was collected using questionnaires and observations. Pilot study was done two weeks before the study. Findings of the study were that the income was too little for them to access health care services. It was noticed that environmental factors are the root cause of a significant number of diseases amongst children in informal settlement, several factors like source of drinking water, sanitation, used tyres, appliances from the dumping pit can threaten the health of children. The housing environment has been acknowledged as the main setting that affect children health in informal settlements, their homes were built from plastics, asbestos, thus inadequate housing poses serious health hazards to children because they are mostly likely to be bitten by mosquitos. Recommendations were made to Bulawayo City Council to provide alternative affordable housing for the poor.