An Outcome Evaluation of The E-Learning Project by Gigher Life Foundation in Binga District, Mat North.

Author: Tavengwa, Langton T.

The E learning project was implemented by Capernaum Trust as an initiative aimed at improving the pass rate, quality of education of the programme clients. A need assessment was conducted to establish the challenges accounting for the low academic performance by the programme clients. The outcomes revealed that the beneficiaries had a challenges of being primitive lagging behind in terms of information flow, not getting quality education and technical knowhow hence these results activated the need to implement the E-learning. The E learning project was implemented with the objective of achieving three main outcomes that include increasing the academic performance of programme clients by 50%, increasing the access to information of the programme clients by 100% and also establishing function E learning centers which offer quality internet access. At the point of implementation the programme staff together with the monitoring and evaluation team carried out a baseline survey in Binga district to ascertain the academic performance of the programme clients before receiving the E learning together with average time that they spend to have access to basic information. Results revealed that the pass rate that the average study time of the programme clients ranged between 0 weeks and 6 months. Thus the e learning project with the aim of establishing whether the project has managed to achieve it three main outcomes