The representation of the weak and the vulnerable in Ndebele Folktales.

Author: Ncube, Musa

This research attempts to investigate the representation of the weak and the vulnerable as depicted by Ndebele Folktales. In this research textual analysis was used as a method of analysing information contained in the folktales used. Afrocentrism was used as a research theory because it places Africans at the centre of the study and it helps in telling an African story from an African perspective and with a bias towards African views and perspectives. It can be noted that for Africa to realise her development goals there is need for integration and society should not discriminate against. The Ndebele society regarded each and every individual as worth and equal in society, discriminatory tendencies have been highly discouraged in an ideal Ndebele society thus through their folktales the Ndebele depicted how a society can be maintained as one through respecting each and every individual within it.