An Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Internal Audit Function in the Public Sector in Zimbabwe:

Author: Nyoni, Lindani

The research’s purpose was on assessment of the effectiveness of the internal audit function in the public sector in Zimbabwe founded on a case study of Bulawayo City Council (BCC). Data was collected using questionnaire and interview questions which basically addressed the main aim of the study through use of four factors as a measure of internal audit efficiency that is, management support, internal audit quality, audit communication and organization setting. For data presentation and analysis, SPSS software was used in help of variety of charts such as clustered graphs, bar graphs, pie charts and line graphs. The researcher observed that from the four factors to assess internal audit effectiveness the most crucial factor was internal audit effectiveness, followed by internal quality, thirdly by audit communication and lastly by organization setting. Therefore, it is recommended that public sector organizations in Zimbabwe must effectively and efficiently apply the above mentioned factors in order to enhance internal audit effectiveness.