Author: Garba, Muhammad Ahmad

Supervisors: Usman A Tar and Musa Idris

Unemploymenthas been a menace confronting Nigeria as a country and Kaduna state in particular. This has led to the government initiating programmes of actions to curb its spread. After the Structural Adjustment Programme of the Babangida administration led to thousands of jobs been lost. This necessitated the establishment of a body to create employment to the team of unemployed persons in the country. This however,led to the establishment of the National Directorate of Employment (NDE). The major aim of this study is to assess the effect of National Directorate of Employment (NDE) on youth employment generation in Kaduna state. Other objectives are: to determine the effect of Vocational Skills Development (VSD) programme of the NDE on youth employment generation in Kaduna state, to examine the extent to which the NDE‟s programme of Small Scale Enterprises affect youth employment generation in Kaduna state and to ascertain the extent to which the Special Public Works (SPW) programme of the NDE affects youth employment generation in Kaduna state (SSE) Data for the study were generated using both primary and secondary sources. The primary data utilized include questionnaires and interview while the secondary data were the annual reports of NDE and World Bank Development Reports, unpublished thesis and internet materials. The data were also presented and analyzed using averages, percentages, tables and spearman ranked correlation. The study found that the various programmes reviewed have contributed in generating employment to many youths of the state. It also revealed inadequate tools for training of beneficiaries in the three training centers of the state. The study recommended that The National Directorate of Employment (NDE) should be given more support by the relevant stakeholders. Just like the Education Trust Fund (ETF), a separate fund should be provided for the NDE to help the graduates of SSE get a bigger loan package to enable them start up their own profitable venture.It also recommended for more funding to the organisation to enable it train more unemployed youths for self-reliance. This can be achieved through the instrumentality of a special trust fund to be created for that purpose.