Le Village Francais du Nigeria: une Strategie Efficace pour L'acquisition du Francais au Nigeria

Author: Olayiwola, Simeon Idowu

Supervisors: Ilupeju A. M. and Simire G. O.

Acquisition and communicative competencies of French language is a domain that has attracted the attention of teachers and learners. Language immersion is viewed as a potent way of enhancing the acquisition and communicative competency of French language. Thus, this study examined drama creation and its impact on the oral and written production of 300-level French undergraduates in Nigeria French Language Village in an Anglophone environment. Four research questions were raised and answered in the study. A combination of purposive and simple random sampling techniques was employed to assemble 200 students who were later pruned to 100 through a pretest. From these 100 emerged 50 students who were randomly assigned to the workshop group while the remaining 50 were assigned to the control group. Two research instruments, namely, one essay test on story writing and a questionnaire were developed, validated and administered at the outset and at the end of the workshop to measure learners’ degree of communicative competence. The reliability indices using inter-scorer reliability, Kuder-Richardson 20 formula as well as Cronbach alpha values ranged from 0.792 to 0.834.The findings of the workshop revealed that drama workshop can be a potent tool to initiate learners into dialogue creation thus enhancing their communicative competencies. The study also revealed that, with the assistance and guidance of the teacher, learners can be involved individually and collectively in the process of imagination, invention, creation and speech production. The study recommends that drama creation should be given priority in order to ignite better performance in speech making. Also, it recommends that teachers of French should be trained in the art of drama workshop to motivate learners.