Author: Terwase, Mercy Doose

Supervisors: Bashir Jumare and Adamu Sanusi Gambo

This study investigated the contribution of Community Based Organizations to the Development of Basic Education in Tarka Local Government. CBOs (formal or informal) are usually organizations made up of a group of individuals in a self-defined community who have come together to pursue specific interests. They consist of people who live close to one another, in a given community or village who have set out to achieve a common goal for the purpose of development in their community. Development of Basic Education on the other hand, is defined as the improvement of a child‟s foundational requirements for learning for the purpose of a lifelong investment and development, through the availability of adequate, accessible, affordable and functional essential facilities to enhance a good study environment and condition of the child, and to make them more productive in the society. The main aim of this study was to assess the activities of CBOs in Tarka local government area. The Hypotheses were all stated in the Null form, H01: - There is no significant relationship between the contributions of CBOs and the development of basic education in Tarka Local Government. H02: - There is no significant relationship between the financial and technical Capability of the CBOs and the development of basic education in Tarka Local Government. The study used both primary and secondary source to generate data. In the primary source, questionnaires, Interview and observation were used and the secondary source, include the use of documented (Local Government annual reports and records) projects executed by the CBOs etc. the study used both the descriptive and inferential (analytical) statistical tools for data analysis and testing of hypotheses respectively. The study shows that despite the contributions of CBOs in complementing the efforts of the government in the development of basic education, the conditions of the rural schools in the study area have not adequately improved significantly as expected. The study recommends that, there should be increased financial and technical assistance from the Governments and other stakeholders and also increased Participation and cooperation from the community member so as to enable the CBOs to adequately achieve their goals towards the development of basic education