An Investigation into the role of development agencies in the Empowerment of Youths out of school in Zimbabwe: experiences from restless development I.C.S. Program in Plumtree Town

Author: Ncube, Artwell T

This study was an investigation into the role of development in the empowerment of youths out of school. The study drew experiences from the restless development- ICS program in Plumtree town, Zimbabwe. The study aimed at addressing the role played by the development agencies in empowerment of youths out of school in Plumtree, to investigate the responses or participation of the youths in the program and also to explore the significance and the benefits of youth empowerment. The research investigated the youths who were aged between 15 and 25 and a key informant above the stipulated ages. The research was a case study and triangulation method was adopted. A non-probability sampling technique directed the proceedings of the study where a snowballing technique was used to identify the respondents. The information extracted from 25 respondents through questionnaires and the in-depth interviews indicated that through the ICS program youths in Plumtree town had improved knowledge on their sexual, reproductive health and rights, livelihoods and social skills. However the information indicated that youths are still faced with problems like unemployment and opportunities. The major identified cause was lack of funding and support which thwarts youths from implementing those skills and knowledge for the betterment of their lives. Unemployment and lack of opportunities was then premised to give rise to other problems like emigration, antisocial and risky behaviors. The study therefore endorsed a need for collective and complimentary action by stakeholders to a successful youth empowerment campaign.