An investigation into the psycho-social problems experienced by child venders: a case study for Chegutu town

Author: Muhoni, Greenwell

Child vending and vulnerability are two variables found to be positively correlated to psycho social challenges experienced by most children who trade in the streets of Zimbabwe. Whilst it is their right to live a healthy and normal life, children who take part in street vending, continue to face psychological challenges perpetuated by the harsh environment they operate in and the risks and dangers they encounter, that seem to be leading them to experience psycho- social disorders. Arguing from a humanistic point of view, this survey examined the psychological disorders noted among child vendors, nurses and teachers in the town of Chegutu. A total sample of 24, noted among child vendors were purposefully sampled and observed initially in their natural settings and later on interviewed to solicit data on their developmental experiences. The study also presents a detailed account of the manifestations of resultant psychological disorders most of which