A Reception Analysis of isiNdebele male circumcision advertisements: A Case study of Population Services International (PSI) isiNdebele advertisements.

Author: Brown, Phillipine

The study provides the reception analysis of isiNdebele male circumcision advertisements, a case study of Population International Services (PSI). The researcher‘s intention was to weigh the implication of isiNdebele male circumcision advertisements especially its effectiveness in encouraging the consumer to take action. Previous researcher’s concentrated on the use of indigenous languages in most formal sectors and linguistic features used in advertisements as will be evidenced in this study. The researcher used the qualitative approach so as to find out the interpretations of the advertisements by the consumers. Hence the use of the questionnaires as it is a reception study. This study will reveal the meanings that are expressed by the audience from the advertisements. By reception analysis, the researcher found out that meanings are of importance in someone seeking positive behaviour change as will be discussed in this study. Needless to say the findings confirmed the researcher’s expectations of the study. Thus, the recommendations suggest that promoters of behaviour change should seek to approach the audience or consumer to find out the ways they can encourage a positive reaction.