An investigation into the transfer of case remittance from sender regions into rural Zimbabwe: the case of Dandanda ward in Lupane West district.

Author: Ndou, Tshimbuli Rahele

While the volume of remittances to developing countries has been growing significantly over the years remittances have not received much attention in the migrants’ countries of origin. As a result, the development potential of remittances has not been fully utilized. However, some countries have realized the development potential of remittances and have developed strategies to encourage the flow and investments of remittances. Several studies on international migration from Zimbabwe to South Africa have been carried out but in these studies the role of research and policy issue. The Home Link facility established by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe in May 2004 excludes undocumented migrants who are unlikely to use formal channels to send their remittances back home. Evidence from interviews and observations in Dandanda ward indicate that a wide network of international migrant remitters are ameliorating