An Investigation into the Effectiveness of Just in Time as a Method of Inventory Control in the Fast Food Sector: a Case Study INNSCOR Africa Limited.

Author: Dube, Princess

The main problem that was being investigated in this research is the effectiveness of the implementation of Just in Time (JIT) as a means of inventory control with relevance to the fast foods industry where by a case study of Innscor Fast Foods was used. The fast foods industry has been facing problems such as lack of commitment by suppliers in distributing the supplies at Innscor Fast Foods and inability to meet changing customer needs. However, the main objective of the research also pointed out challenges being faced by the fast foods industry in their implementation of JIT as a means of inventory control and the strategies that can be used to overcome the challenges that have been mentioned. The researcher concluded that JIT has not been effective to the fast foods industry as the benefits tend to be outweighed by the challenges being faced. Recommendations that were made include improving communications between the supplier chain and frequently providing training services to employees.